10% of Profits Support Atlantic Salmon Restoration in Maine

Our sockeye salmon fillets come from the waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, where six pristine rivers welcome more than 35 million salmon each year. This resource is carefully managed to maintain the fish runs and the thousands of families like ours that depend on salmon for their livelihood.

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  Click here to learn more about sockeye salmon.

  Click here to learn more about Bristol Bay.

Restoring Maine's Salmon Runs

We are also committed to restoring the endangered Atlantic salmon here in Maine, our home. So 10% of our profits support the Downeast Salmon Federation. They work tirelessly to protect and restore habitat for the wild salmon that once lived in huge numbers in the region's rivers. 

  Click here to learn more about the Downeast Salmon Federation and their work to bring back the region's salmon runs.

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